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Commencing in 1949 this Sports Carnival has been held every 3 years. Carnivals have been held across Australia with each state given the opportunity to host the event.


The carnival is conducted for the benefit of past and present employees and their families. The carnival is a competitive sporting event with Individuals and teams competing for points across a range of sports.

The carnival whilst a competitive event it also  provides a platform for social engagement to build relationships with colleagues from other offices.

In the past each state was responsible for establishing a governing body to conduct the event. In 2021 the delegates voted for the formation of a not for profit company as the governing body for all future sports carnivals. This resulted in birth of Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd

How EightyO works?

Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd consists of three groups that makes up it's governance structure:

  • Corporate Board

  • Delegates

  • Carnival Organising Committee

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  • Represent the staff, alumni their families and friends from their site

  • Promote the carnival and generate interest in their site

  • Provide information and support to carnival participants

  • Make recommendations and provide feedback to the carnival organising committee and/or the Corporate Board 

  • Nominate and elect directors to the Corporate Board 

  • Vote on changes to by-laws and the constitution

Delegates elect directors to Corporate Board

Delegates and Organising Committee share information/feedback


Corporate Board

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  • Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Inc is a not-for-profit public company

  • The board consists of current & former ATO employees

  • Provides financial, statutory and administrative governance over carnival operations

  • Develops policies and guidelines for the effective management of carnival activities

  • Provide advice and support to the carnival organising committee

  • Appoints carnival director

Corporate Board appoints Carnival Director 

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Carnival Organising Committee

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  • Develop carnival plan and budget

  • Co-ordinate and book sports  and functions venues,

  • other carnival activities and develop transport schedule in accordance with the carnival plan and budget

  • Manage carnival attendee registrations 

  • Carnival director appoints other members of the organising committee

EightyO Constitution

Corporate Constitution

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Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd Constitution

Constitution Document

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