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Nomination for board positions will open soon.


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Sept 2023


Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd are seeking persons to nominate to become a member of the board. These positions will be filled by ballot at the AGM to be held in October 2023.


A person is eligible to be a board member if they are nominated by two class A members (these are generally sports carnival delegates), consent to be director of the company and are not ineligible under the Corporations Act.
Board positions become vacant under the company director retirement rules or by resignation. There are 3 vacant positions to be filled.


Further information will be available on this website and sent to subscribers

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Commencing in 1949 this Sports Carnival has been held every 3 years. Carnivals have been held across Australia with each state given the opportunity to host the event.

The carnival is conducted for the benefit of past and present employees and their families. The carnival is a competitive sporting event with Individuals and teams competing for points across a range of sports.

The carnival whilst a competitive event it also  provides a platform for social engagement to build relationships with colleagues from other offices.

In the past each state was responsible for establishing a governing body to conduct the event. In 2021 the delegates voted for the formation of a not for profit company as the governing body for all future sports carnivals. This resulted in birth of Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd

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Your site delegate is the first point of reference for information or advice about the sports carnival,

If you would like to know more about Eighty O Inter-Office Sporting Carnival 1949 Ltd or have any questions relating to the company please use the contact us form to the right.

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